Message from the President

Dear friends,

Welcome to the first “Alexander Onassis Entrepreneurship Day”, one of the activities of the Association of Scholars of the Onassis Foundation planned for 2014-2015.

Our actions aim to bring Greek society – and especially young people – into contact with a series of original, innovative, interactive initiatives in the arts, sciences and technology, covering six different areas: science, education, society, entrepreneurship, art and sport.

Within this framework, we organize the “Alexander Onassis Entrepreneurship Day”. Theme of the conference is the Scaling Up of a company, i.e. the concept of sustainable development. The start ups are increasingly developing in Greece, which is at the heart of an economic and social crisis in Europe. The question that arises then is how these startups will evolve into viable businesses and create value for themselves, but also for the local community.

Prominent people from the business world, Greeks and non Greeks, participate in the event and narrate their stories and how they responded to specific challenges, in order to encourage, inspire and motivate young people.

We aspire this event, the first of a regular series of relevant initiatives, to evolve into an institution in the field of entrepreneurship, creating each year a productive discussion.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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Theo Anagnostopoulos
President of the Scholars Association of the Onassis Foundation